In for some activities ? There are endless possibilities! In the area of Les Echaloux itself we have our natural pool where you can enjoy a delicious dip, the activity hall where you can play all kinds of games like table tennis (you can best bring your own baths), pool, darts, shuffleboard, etc. . And of course the library on the first floor of the main house, where you can relax while reading a good book.


For other activities you obviously leave the grounds, e.g. for tennis.




There a 3 tennis courts at four minutes away from the house. These are almost always available. At the tennis court there is a jogging track from where you can jog along the lovely river.

We also have extensive walking maps, routes are plotted visible. There is something for everyone; with or without height, built-up or not, open field or forest, if there is something you can do in the Allier, it’s walking!



There are a few flea markets (brocantes) in the area nearly every weekend. This French flea markets are ideal if you are looking for something old, from medieval thimbles, to farming equipment from the French Revolution, it can be found here.

A schedule with all flea markets (brocantes) with dates and places is available. The documentation about castles and ruins is organized into folders. So for the fans there are enough old stones to sniff.

Golfing: For the golfers among us, 8 km away lays a beautiful 9-hole. There are also two 18-hole courses, one of which, with a forest course, lies 15 km towards Gannat.  And the other one 20 km towards Vichy.

We are surrounded by 3 rivers in the area; the Sioule, the Bouble and the Allier. Enough water for fly fishing, canoeing and swimming.

There are varying degrees of canoeing available so you can do this with small children, it is possible to take a slightly less exciting tour and then go sailing and maybe have a picnic on the go. On the banks of these rivers there’s a good chance you spot unusual birds, which are rare or even extinct in the U.K., such as; the Kingfisher, the White Heron and the Stone Curlew.

Three minutes away is a climbing paradise where you swing freely through the trees. Again, you can take your small kids with you. Different trails make it a real climbing adventure for everyone.


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